Data-Based Instruction in Early Writing

Many students respond positively to research-based interventions that are implemented with fidelity -- according to methods demonstrated to be effective. Yet, a small number of students do not benefit sufficiently from these interventions. These students require more intensive instruction designed to meet their individual instructional needs. Data-Based Instruction (DBI) provides a framework for teachers to individualize instruction systematically and effectively. Researchers have demonstrated that, when teachers implement DBI with fidelity, their instructional decision-making improves, and student achievement increases.

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What is it?

DBI-TLC is a $1.5 million Professional Development Grant funded by the Institute for Education Sciences, US Department of Education.
        –      DBI = Data-Based Instruction
        –      TLC = Tools, Learning, and Collaborative Support
Principal Investigators: Dr. Kristen McMaster, University of Minnesota and Dr. Erica Lembke, University of Missouri (

• Development activities/partnerships with 2 school districts
• To support teachers’ use of Data-Based decision making (DBI)
• To improve outcomes for students, focusing on early writing development
• The research reported here is supported by the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, through Grant R324A130144 to the University of Minnesota.

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